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Spirit Central Awaits


Do you know someone who lives in a haunted house? What would you do if you moved into a haunted house? The story you are about to read is true. In fact it is the story of me and my family. I decided I wanted to move but where should I move to. I decided maybe I should leave the city and look further up north. I never expected to come this far up but here we are. They always say you never know what you’re looking for until it hits you.
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About Judith McCrodden

I am a single mother of two children ages now 7 and 12 who wasn’t happy in her environment or surroundings. My home life, my job, my neighborhood were all getting me down. I wanted out of everything. I took a big chance moving away from my family. My in laws also took a chance with me. Read more


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I decided to write this book to tell the stories I have told for so long to so many people I have come in contact with that have experienced things like I have. I have also come across people of different religions who believe that spirits are evil beings.
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