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About Judith McCrodden

Hello and thanks for joining me. I want to tell you about this book you are about to read. It’s a compilation of a few stories, but I am also bringing you on an interesting journey with me. To summarize it, my friend Angela A. called me one day and reminded me about a ride we went on at The Great Adventure Amusement Park in New Jersey back in the 1980s.

We loved amusement park rides and we were both in our late 20s. The first ride we went on was named “Rolling Thunder.” This roller coaster to me was massive. The only coaster I had been on prior to this one was The Cyclone at Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York.

As we waited in line, we noticed this ride was being ridden in reverse. This ride took us up, down and all around backwards. It was great. You couldn’t see where you were going so you didn’t really know when to freak out and scream. It was really great (at least we thought so).

This is how I see life: You are on this ride going backwards, having no clue what will happen next until you get there. Will you be going up, up, up or will you be dropped, plunging to the bottom? You just don’t know. You can only take it as it comes because you really don’t always have a choice.